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In an age where “Skilled IT Professional” is one of the important measures of success for the student, dwindling interest of corporate-world in fresh graduates needs to be taken very seriously. Madeleine Software Technologies (P) Ltd., with its intensive industrial experience and insights offers an effective solution sor our internal new recruits to address this “dwindling interest” of the industry, and increase the employability of fresh engineers in the field of Information Technology. Our program is designed with the aim here is to assist the new recruits so that he/she may flourish their individual aptitude in the optimized manner.

We focuses on three key aspects:

-- Exposing fresh recruits to industrial work processes                                                                                       -- Apply their knowledge in real industrial projects .

Our training module is for our internal employees only which is a part of our corporate social responsibility to enhance the technical skills for fresher employees. We do not offer or support any kind of paid training module for fresh graduates.
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